Extreme Lengths Singapore, established in 2009 has been providing a professional and personalised hair care service and consultation in Singapore for the Afro, Ethnic and multi- cultural community. The First Afro Salon and only professionally trained staff Extreme Lengths has been and continues to be the go to salon for specialist styles and advice for afro hair, black hair, hair extensions, ethnic hair care and braids .


The business was set up to service the growing afro and multi- cultural community within Singapore and the local region. Soon after it became apparent that the salon was not just a place to get your hair done but a cultural hub  for all , a sanctuary for what feel familiar  and so it continues.


Extreme Lengths is much more than just a hair salon, it is also a place to make friends, network and engage with liked minded people. It is a place of integrating cultural community. 


Tahirah, director and owner has been  trained and gifted in afro and ethnic hair specialist techniques and procedures. She and freelance stylist work in areas that they are most talented in and enjoy. We want our clients to always get the best weavers, braider, colourist, relaxer and stylist working on their hair. We make it a priority to continue to train and keep up to date with afro trends and products. 


Extreme Lengths runs an appointment only schedule to ensure our clients do not endure long waiting times. We all know Afro hair takes a while to work on so why sit around for hours, life is too short!