The Sew In Weave

A sew in weave in Singapore is actually a great option, especially if you are trying to grow out a relaxer or any other treatments.

All it takes is a little extra care and effort to maintain it. The key is not to make the mistake of thinking you can keep your weave in for three months. Afro hair loves moisture and the humidity in Singapore may not do a thing to help us look cute (an issue every women with non asian hair has) but it sure helps it grow.

A lot of ladies are turned off because of the heat. Like any hair style be it natural or not we can not avoid the heat! However at Extreme Lengths we do make an effort to sew our weaves in allowing you easy access to your scalp as well as letting air circulate. It is important to us that you can wash it with ease. The technique is to put shampoo on your finger tips and rub between the cornrows then give it a good 5min showering off. There is no need to rub the hair itself it with get washed with the shampoo that runs down the hair. When rinsing your hair of shampoo and conditioner slide both hands from your forehead down the length of you hair several times. Rubbing motions will only cause tangling and create a massive mess of hair.

Lastly the most important thing is to dry your own hair in the cornrows properly. If you do not do this your hair will become smelly and that is not an attractive look on anyone. If you can sit under a dryer ( we have one at our salon that clients are welcome to use) or and I know it's a pain in the arm... literally but spend the time with your hand dryer on a low heat and get between the layers and dry your hair and scalp. once your hair is dry put a pea size amount of serum on the ends and some essential hair oil in your scalp. I promise the results will leave you feeling beautiful once again. Within a year you will be pleasantly surprised to see the growth for yourself. There will be no stopping you from there if you fancy a change of style or even go natural and have blow out every now and then which, will be next weeks post....natural blow outs.

Enjoy Singapore ladies, keep the hair faith and embrace your hair versatility, its what makes us all unique. xx


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