The Hair Wrap

At Extreme Lengths we like to promote health hair options. Today I have a couple of clients in that have relaxed hair, both will be having a wrap set under the dryer. Previously we have been blowing one of the clients hair out every week and I have encouraged her to start wrapping. From the outset we notice her hair had more body, texture and most importantly the ends were not as dried out.

The Singapore climate might be humid but we sweat buckets! That means we frequently have a damp salty scalp, between the air con and the sun it becomes a hot salty mess drying out to the point of it becoming brittle.

My advice for the week is to try wrapping your hair rather than blowing it out. Massage a small amount of oil throughout your hair at night as our body rejuvenates itself while we sleep. Carry a small bottle of hair moisture with you and like we do our hands, skin etc rub a little in your hair if you feel like it needs it. Hair is your crown and glory! It's precious. xx


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