Natural Blow Drys

I know what you are thinking... natural blow out in Singapore, mmmmm will not last more than 10 mins in this humidity. Well that can be the case yes, but there is always the exception to the rule. I have a fair few clients that can go a week and some two, rocking a natural blow out. Natural blow outs are a great option for an occasion to as a different look. Especially if you are working the Afro on a daily basis.

The great thing about a natural blow out is you get the body and fullness that relaxed hair can sometimes lack. There are a lot of excellent protection sprays on the market if you are worried about the heat on your hair. it is also worth trying to simply see how the ends of your hair are doing and if you need a trim. Between the air con and the sun your ends might be dead without you realising (sucking up nutrients that could be feeding new growth instead).

A few great tips to follow if you would like to try a natural blow out are:

1. Check the weather forecast for a dry week ahead.

2. Use a little natural hair oil at night and tie your hair down.

3. When you are at home and not trying to look cute for anyone...again tie your hair down.

4. Use some old school edge control gel on the unruly baby hairs to keep them at bay and you will be winning!

For those of you that fancy seeing yourself with straight hair give it a whirl, just for the fun of it. Have a super week and my next blog post will be about hair relaxing. xx


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