Hair Relaxing in Singapore.....

The Hair Relaxer or as Chris Rock calls it 'Creamy Crack' has earnt itself a bit of a bad rep of recent times with all the pro naturals preaching the gospel; I too was natural for 10 years so not dissing the cause, but it has almost become taboo to admit that you relax your hair.

Relaxing does work for a lot of women. Your hair can be perfectly lush and healthy as long as you’re prepared to invest in the daily maintenance and financial upkeep. I am forever telling my clients who relax their hair to not leave it too long between new growth touch ups. The NUMERO UNO mistake folks make when it comes to relaxed hair is thinking if you do it regularly it will damage your hair. Well in fact my possums, not doing it regularly is what’s causing the damage. It is the contrasting texture of the new growth hair from the roots that causes the strain. New growth being strong, course and kinky vs previously relaxed hair that is straight and fragile in comparison will start to snap when it is being combed out. The tension between the two different textures is what causes breakage. Therefore it is important to not allow your new hair to grow more than an inch and a half ( your hair grows about an inch on average every month) before retouching your roots.

The thing I tell my client when they come to relax their hair have to continue doing a retouch every 6-8 weeks depending on your hair growth circle and texture. Soften your roots using a natural hair oil or daily hair moisturiser before combing your hair or through knots. Keep a travel size potion of your favourite hair product handy( mine is Argon oil) and give your hair a PEA size freshen up in the day or when you feel it needs a little jeejee. Find a product that suits your hair type and stick with it, if it ain't broke don't try to fix it!

If you like maintaining your hair with weekly salon visits try to alternate your blow drys, do a hair wrap one week and a blow dry the other. At home, try air drying by putting some oil in your hair when it's wet and braid it into a few plaits. Remember ladies the key is to keep your hair moisturised not drenched in grease as using to much oil etc will result in your hair frying in the Singapore sun, causing it to become brittle. Care… Care…Care… for you hair, little and often is a good rule of thumb when it comes to relaxed hair.

At Extreme Lengths Singapore we have plenty of fabulous clients with healthy, long or short and beautifully relaxed hair. There is nothing wrong with taming those kinks if you choose. After all it’s the beauty of being a person of diverse ethnicity we have so many options when it comes to our wonderfully crazy hair! xx


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