Newbies this is for you..New Place, New Hair.

This is for all the newbies out there! Welcome to Singapore. An exciting new city in the hub of Asia with a 30+ average daily temperature and 75+ average daily humidity...

Good news is our Extreme Lengths team are here to help! Having run our Afro and Ethnic hair salon in the heart of Singapore for over 7 years. We have seen it all. Miracles to stop the humidity affecting your hair on a daily basis we can not perform. However we can definitely help with advising what works for different hair types, good hair care services, treatments and products that work best in this crazy climate. Believe when I say we have tried and tested a great many of product styles name it. We have knowledge.

One thing we have found is that our salon is a sanctuary for newbies and the 'part of the furniture' crew. If you find yourself feeling a little home sick or would just like things to make sense for a moment, a little date with Extreme Lengths will soon have you feeling better.

I had a new client in this week. having moved to Singers 3 weeks ago. She asked me where she could meet other ladies of colour. I said here! The amount of friendships made in our Salon over the years has been lovely to bear witness to. Extreme Lengths is not just a salon but a place to network, meet friends and relax. Often we have ladies that just pop in for chats and sometimes hang out for hours well after they have had their hair done. We very much welcome that. I like to think it's parts of the charm of our salon - voted one of Singapore's best Hair Salons by TIME OUT magazine by the way - just thought I would mention that :)

By the time my client left she had exchange numbers with another client and was on her way with a smile, great looking hair, the prospects of new friendships and adventures. We are all about good vibes. Therefore please feel free to drop in and see us our door is always open. Remember you are in a new city and new culture, things will not be like they are at home.

Expect the unexpected and embrace it so much awaits you in Asia it truly is a great place. Best bit is... we will be here to take of your hair needs. It'


s all good. x

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