I love going to the salon because they are great with kids and nice.

My favorite hair-do is to get my braids done "original".
You should really go there, it's fantastic!
Thank you,


(a loyal customer since 2009, when she turned 5)




I started going to Extreme Lengths to have my hair coloured because I wanted to be there while my very rambunctious daughter was having her hair braided.  But it turned out that she behaved better when I wasn't there!  So even though I no longer "needed" to have Tahirah do my colour, I've kept going all these years because it's a wonderful place! Tahirah also keeps up-to-date with the latest, healthiest products too, which is reassuring.  Nice colouring, super conditioning, and all-in-all a friendly and fun place to hang out.




I first scoped out Extreme Lengths before moving to Singapore. I've been getting my hair done at the salon for a year. I especially recommend the deep conditioning treatment with steam as well as the relaxers! Tahirah's gentle and conscientious care have contributed to the overall health of my hair. 





When we first arrived in Singapore 2 1/2 years ago, I was immediately referred to Extreme Lengths (previously known as Flojumar).  I needed a salon for my 2 daughters and hair care was a top criteria.  We are still faithful clients.  I am thankful that the salon has provided reliable and personalized service to us for the past years.  Thanks Tahirah, Estelle, (& Judy)

Karen Broussard



So good to come to the salon over the past year, thanks for the time taken! Xxx

Stacey-Jane Douglas 



Loved the cornrows...now wanna check the price for box braids n the duration #keen#0n#next#project#

Ranjit Khan



Over the past few weeks I've been interviewing for Doctor of Pharmacy programs back in the US. In every interview I've had I have always mentioned Tahirah and Extreme Lengths in regards to the impact she had on me while I was living in Singapore. Some might say what does going to the hairdresser have to do with applying to Pharmacy School?


For me, Tahirah was more than my hairdresser, she was a mentor, friend, confidante, and someone I now consider like a big sister. I came into her shop a young and confused African-American girl who had just moved to Singapore for a semester exchange program. I'll never forget breaking down and crying in her salon, as it was the first time I felt comfortable in this foreign location. Everything I had been dealing with for the past few weeks just came out in that first meeting. Tahirah really took me under her wing. 


For the rest of my time in Singapore I came to her shop regularly. She took excellent care of my hair. I'm natural, and was seriously struggling to figure out what to do in the humid climate of Singapore. I knew I did not want braids, and a perm was absolutely out of the question. Tahirah helped me get my hair to a manageable state, and I actually felt confidant going out in public! I also have never seen my hair grow as long and as quickly as it did while I was in Singapore!


I really could spend hours writing about the impact Tahirah had on my life, she challenged and encouraged me in ways that I absolutely needed! I truly felt I grew as an individual; from that feeble, distraught girl when we first met to someone who is more confident, self-assured, and not afraid of new and unorthodox experiences. I definitely have Tahirah to thank for the role she played in getting me to this point. I highly recommend her salon to anyone who may be living or traveling through Singapore!!

Chelsea McFadden 

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